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Registration on our platform

You begin by signing up on our website. You will receive a window that asks you to complete the following information to register your membership.

Complete this form and click on "complete your application". You will then get access to the member portal where you can add your website.

Page d'inscription

Your member portal, also called The Moneybox is divided into different sections.

My dashboard: your website will be listed here together with your daily statistics, broken down by sites and formats. Statistics are updated daily at 19:00 CET.

My profile: this is where you will find your personal information.

Notifications: you can find relevant information about your website or the platform.

Billings & Payments: here is where you will find your invoices. Invoices are automatically generated when your account reaches $50. You will receive your payment 60 days after the date of the issued invoice.

Referral: here is where you will find your referral code which allows you to earn 15$ for every new user you refer. The credit will be activated once the referred website has earned 1$ showing ads.

Inscription de votre site

Ajout d'un site

Click on "add a new website" to subscribe your website.

Ajout d'un site

The window will ask you to fill out your website’s URL and country, the category it belongs to, and what number of unique visitors it has. These can be chosen by yourself, and you can estimate it if you do not have access to your statistics.

Finish by clicking on "add a website".
Now the first part of the registration is complete!

At this point, your Account Manager will verify that your website does not belong to any of the categories of forbidden/illegal content. Once approved (will occur within 48 hours), your member portal will be updated to display information about your website(s). Your Moneybox will be updated to look like this:

Site en attente de validation

Under the name of your website, you can see the progression bar. It indicates the percentage of partners connected to your website at the moment. It will increase progressively once you start to show ads.

Implementing our ADS.TXT file

ADS.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is a text file that every site owner who monetizes their audience must integrate. Launched by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to fight illegitimate publishers' fraud, this new standard is critical to transparency in online advertising.

That is why most advertisers have stopped buying ads on sites that have not integrated the ADS.txt file. It is, therefore, essential to place the file provided by The Moneytizer in the root directory of your site.

You can find the up to date ADS.txt at or directly into your Moneybox.

Ajout de notre fichier ads.txt

There are two alternatives for implementing the ads.txt file in your website:

1. Automatic (Recommended): it will be updated automatically, there will be no need of further actions. See how to do it.

2. Manually: which should be updated directly by you each time a new version is available.

Intégration du fichier Ads.txt

IMPORTANT: If you already have an ads.txt file integrated with other ad networks, it is important to include the content of our file in your original ads.txt. There should only be ONE ads.txt file.

If you work with Google Adsense, you should add your Google Publisher ID inside the ads.txt file. It should look like this:, pub- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, DIRECT, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

There are 2 ways to integrate the ads.txt file:

Wordpress: by using a plugin like Ads.txt Manager. This method will only work for the manual version.

You will see that the ads.txt file can easily be added to your website by downloading this plugin where you can integrate the complete script.

FTP: One other way to integrate your ads.txt file is with a tool known as a File Transfer Protocol (FTP). You can use a FTP to integrate your ads.txt file but you must have the FTP codes that correlate with the server where your website is hosted. You should be able to find this information on your hosting provider’s website.

You can find all the details on how to do it in this instructions file.

To verify that the file has been successfully integrated on your site, just enter the following address directly into your browser:

- For the manual version: http(s)://

- For the automatic version: http(s):// AND http(s)://

Then click on the button "Check your ads.txt file" from your personal space.

Intégration du fichier Ads.txt

As you see, the ads.txt has now been registered (confirmed by the green color). When you click on the + then you will have access to our ad-formats and their significant JS codes.

Intégration du fichier Ads.txt

Adding the consent banner

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation that protects user privacy information . All websites that receive any traffic from the EU must implement a Consent Banner also known as Consent Management Platform (CMP). Approximately half of our Sell-Side Platforms (SSPs) will not mediate or bid on your ad spaces if you have not integrated this banner. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the CMP to maximize your ad revenue.

We offer the consent banner from Quantcast available for download on the dashboard but you are free to use any consent banner that is IAB compatible.

Ajout de la bannière de consentement

After you have chosen the language for your website, a script will be presented below. You can copy it and add it to the script of your website.

Integrating our ad formats

When you have clicked on the + above, then you will reach this page. Here you can find all our ad formats, their sizes, and JS codes.

Présentation des formats

If you click on "get the tag", then a JS code will be presented to you. It is specific to your website and that ad format. Add this code directly to the script of your website.

Observe! Sometimes it can say "pending validation" instead of "get the tag". This means that our sell-side platforms are still registering that you have added your ads.txt file. Just give it some extra time.

You should NOT place the same tag two times in the same page. The ad formats with a same ID will appear stuck one to each other. The Moneytizer has different formats you can use instead, you can find them here.

Each tag is directly associated to your domain name. Tags should ONLY be placed on the website for which they were created.

• Choose the ad units best suited for your site. It is best to place your ads in a location where they will be highly visible to your visitors. The more visible they are, the more profitable they will be for advertisers (and for you).

• Optimization is Key. Too many ads will reduce your ad revenue. The best thing to do is to choose non-intrusive formats that fit well within your website. To not disrupt your visitors, we advise you to not exceed 2 to 3 formats per page.

• If possible, we recommend that you place our ad formats (in the sidebar) as "sticky" widgets. Find an example and info on how to integrate the sticky function.

• If you include the skin tag, then the html code must be visible within the code of your website for it to be optimized.

The Moneytizer has a unique ad optimization service for all websites registered on the platform.

The goal is to improve your advertising revenues. One of our account managers will verify your website and help you with the best recommendations to improve the performance of your website.

The service is completely free and you can request it directly through our chat.

Two alternative ways to integrate our ad formats (for WordPress):

1. Plugin Advanced Ads

2. Plugin The Moneytizer: here you can directly activate our ad formats.

3. In a few clicks, you will be able to place ads on your webpages.

Présentation des formats

You can find the instructions to place the ads through our plugin in this file.

You can also integrate the ad formats directly through your script. You must follow the instructions available directly in the moneybox. Click on the black question mark to see the instructions of each format.

Présentation des formats

IMPORTANT: The ads formats should ONLY be integrated in the subscribed website. Each format has a specific ID that matches directly and only with the URL of your website.

Important notes

• Once the ads are placed correctly, you must wait a few hours to see the ads. In addition, the first statistics will appear in your personal space 48 hours after and will always be data from the previous day.

• We strongly recommend a two weeks trial to test The Moneytizer properly in order to connect the maximum of demand partners to our ad inventory.

CPM: The CPM (Cost per thousand) measures the cost of an online ad per 1,000 impressions. An impression means that an ad is viewed on a webpage. If the CPM of your ad is 1$, an it is viewed 100,000 times, you will earn 100$. Even with a CPM system, the number of page is not equal to your number of impressions.

HEADER BIDDING: We have developed an algorithm (based on an American technology called "Header bidding") that allows us to create an auction between 50+ advertising partners on each of your formats. Auction between partners means there is no fixed price but the assurance of always having the best possible CPM when the ad loads.

Schéma de fonctionnement du Header Bidding

For any questions or advice, do not hesitate to reach out to your account manager through our chat or mail.